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Some forms of bacteria obtain energy by chemosynthesis. This process of carbohydrate formation in which organisms use chemical reactions to obtain energy from inorganic compounds is called chemosynthesis. Such chemoautotrophic bacteria do not require light and synthesize all organic cell requirements from CO2 and H2O and salts at the expense of oxidation of inorganic substances like (H2, NO3–, SO4 or carbonate). Some examples of chemosynthesis are :


  • Nitrifying bacteria : These bacteria oxidises ammonia to nitrites and release chemical energy. e.g. Nitrosomonas, Nitrococcus etc.

  • Sulphur bacteria : Convert H2S to sulphur. e.g, Beggiatoa, Thiothrix and Thiobacillus.

  • Iron bacteria : Oxidises ferrous to ferric e.g. Ferrobacillus, Leptothrix and Cladothrix.

  • Hydrogen bacteria : e.g. Bacillus pentotrophus

  • Carbon bacteria : Convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. e.g., Carboxydomonas, Bacillus oligocarbophilus.




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