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How To Give CMC Exam

How To Give CMC Vellore Exam

How should I write my answer?


In the examination hall, at each session, you will be given a test booklet and an answer sheet. In the booklet, the choice of answers to each question will be listed alphabetically (after each question five suggested answers will be given) and these choices will be indicated as A,B,C,D,E. In the answer sheet, the serial numbers of each question will be printed and against each number, there will be boxes provided for you to shade the correct answer. Remember that you should shade only one answer for each question. If you shade more than one answer for any question, you will not be given any credit for it even if one of your answers is correct. If you want to change your answer, be sure to erase your wrong answer completely with an eraser and shade the correct box.



How fast should I work?


Although most of the tests stress accuracy more than speed, it is important for you to use your time as economically as possible. Work steadily and as fast as you can, but with care. Do not worry if you cannot answer all the questions. No one is expected to know the answers to all the questions. Do not waste time on questions that are too difficult for you but go on to the other questions and come back to the difficult ones later. When the time allotted for a test is over, your Supervisor will instruct all the candidates to go on to the next test. Even if you have not yet finished that section of the test, go to the next test IMMEDIATELY or you may lose marks.



Should I Guess? Is there negative marking?


Since the possible answers for each question are provided, you may wonder whether or not to guess the answer for questions you are not certain about. There is no negative marking and hence at times it may be worthwhile making an intelligent guess. That choice is yours and you have to decide how close to the options you are In the degree (MBBS, etc) combined entrance examination only, credit is given for questions not attempted (those left blank). The credit given is equal to 1/5 (0.2) of the mark for that question. So your score will probably be more if you leave out the questions about which you know nothing. Remember, however, that a correct answer will be given one full mark. So, if you have some knowledge of the question and are able to eliminate one or more of the possible answers, your chances of guessing the correct answer increase. It may be to your advantage to attempt such questions.



How should I prepare for these tests?


These tests have been designed to measure your knowledge, understanding and ability and not just your memory. It will help to review your science course carefully, making sure that you UNDERSTAND each subject thoroughly. Familiarise yourself with the model questions given below.



How are selections made?


Soon after the examination, dummy numbers are assigned to each answer paper and all further corrections and computations are done anonymously. After correction, the marks are converted to stanine grades and a final grade is worked out. Selection to the interviews is done purely on the basis of inter-se merit. The interviews and other tests focus on evaluating the person and his/her aptitude for the course.

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