CA CPT Books


Books for CA CPT Preparation:



  • Bharat Quantitative Aptitude For CPT (Mathematics & Statistics) : by M.K. Agrawal
  • Tata McGraw-Hill Fundamentals of Accounting For CA Common Proficiency Test CA-CPT CA Examination Series : by P.C. Tulsian
  • S.Chand Grewals Accountancy Common Proficiency Test : by M. P. Gupta & B. M. Agarwal
  • TMH Mercantile Law For CA-CPT : by P.C. Tulsian
  • S.Chand Quantitative Aptitude Mathematics Volume I : by P. N. Arora
  • Sultan Quantitative Aptitude : by S. P. Gupta & P. K. Gupta
  • Taxmann Fundamentals of Accounting & Mercantile Laws : by D.S. Rawat & R.C. Rawat
  • Vikas Fundamentals of Accounting for CPT : by SN Maheshwari & SK Maheshwari





  • Mercantile Law for CA Common Proficiency Test : by P C Tulsian
  • General Economics : For CA Common Proficiency Test (CPT) : by Deepashree
  • Quantitative Aptitude : For CA Common Prof For CA Common Proficiency Test (CPT) : by Kashyap Trivedi
  • Accountancy for CA-CPT (With CD): by Dhaval B. Pathak
  • Common Proficiency Test: Quantitative Aptitude Statistics : by P. N. Arora