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Class X - Study Material

Book Overview:

Objective of this Study Material is to meet the actual challenge in the Class 10th. The end of each chapter has a compiling of questions (Multiple Choice and Subjective Questions) that covers the entire chapter. It is of great significant that a student should go through this Package in detail.

The students should treat the solved examples as unsolved and try to solve themselves. The main object of Solved examples with step by step solutions are only included for reference if you find any difficulty in understanding the topic. To solve a problem is not to get the answer but to develop a analytical and thinking skill.


Class 10 Study Material Contents:

Aptitude and Reasoning
1. Series Completion 10. Classification
2. Coding-Decoding 11. The Calendar
3. Alphabet Test 12. Clock Test
4. Mathematical Operations 13. Cube And Dices
5. Puzzle 14. Dot Situtation
6. Seating Arangement 15. Non-Verbal Analogy & Classification
7. Blood Relations 16. Non-Verbel Series
8. Direction Sense 17. Mirror Images
9. Analogy 18. Water Images


1. Real Numbers 1. Electricity
2. Polynomials 2. Human Eye And Colourful World
3. Linear Equations 3. Light
4. Quadratic Equations 4. Magnetism
5. Airthmetic Progressions 5. Source Of Energy
6. Coordinate Geometry 6. Acid And Bases
7. Triangles 7. Carbon And Its Compounds
8. Trigonometry 8. Chemical Reactions
9. Applications Of Trigonometry 9. Metals And Non Metals
10. Circles 10. Periodic Table
11. Construction 11. Life Process
12. Area Related To Circles 12. Control And Coordination
13. Mensuration 13. Reproduction
14. Statistics 14. Heredity And Evolution
15. Probability 15. Our Environment
    16. Management Of Natural Resources
Social Science
1. Development 15. Nationalism Movement In Indo China
2. Sectors Of Indian Economy 16. The Making Of A Global World
3. Money And Credit 17. The Age Of Industrialisation
4. Globalisation And Indian Economy 18. Work, Life And Leisure
5. Consumer Rights 19. Print Culture And The Modern World
6. Resources And Development 20. Novels, Society And History
7. Forest And Wildlife Resources 21. Power Sharing
8. Water Resources 22. Federelism
9. Agriculture 23. Democracy And Diversity
10. Manufacturing Industries 24. Gender Relsion And Caste
11. Mineral And Resources 25. Popular Struggles And Movements
12. Life Line Of National Economy 26. Political Parties
13. Nationalism In India 27. Outcomes Of Democracy
14. The Rise Of Nationalism In Europe 28. Challenges To Democracy


Sample Chapter :

Download Class 10th Maths Number System


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