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Class IX - Study Material

Book Overview:

We have divided each subject into chapters which in turn are broken down to subtopics of every chapter and in the sub topic a brief discussion regarding the topic is given. At the end of chapter there is concept map (mind map for social science and science) is provided that refreshes important points and terms after this set of solved examples provided. At the end of each chapter practices exercises which have been carefully chosen to make all the concepts clear to students are given. We are sure you would tremendously enjoy studying our entrancei junior study material.


Study Material Contents:

1. Number System 1. Unit Of Measurement
2. Polynomials 2. Motion
3. Coordinate Geometry 3. Force And Laws Of Motion
4. Linear Equation In Two Variable 4. Gravitation And Fluid
5. Introduction Of Euclid’s Geometry 5. Work, Energy And Power
6. Lines And Angles 6. Wave Motion And Sound
7. Triangles 7. Matter In Our Surroundings
8. Quadrilateral 8. Is Matte Around Us Pure
9. Area Of Parallelograms And Triangle 9. Atoms And Molecules
10. Circle 10. Structure Of Atom
11. Constructions 11. Fundamental Unit Of Life
12. Heron’s Formula 12. Tissue
13. Surface Area & Volume 13. Diversity Of Living Organisms
14. Statistics 14. Why Do We Fall Ill
15. Probability 15. Natural Resources
16. Proof In Mathematics 16. Improvement In Food Resources
17. Mathematical Modeling    
Social Science
1. The French Revolution 14. Population
2. Socialism In Europe And The Russian Revolution 15. The Story Of Village Palampur
3. Nazism And The Rise Of Hitler 16. People As Resources
4. Forest Society And Colonialism 17. Poverty As A Challenge
5. Pastoralists In The Modern World 18. Food Security In India
6. Peasants And Farmers 19. Water And The People Of Chennai
7. History And Sport The Story Of Cricket 20. Law And Social Justice
8. Clothing A Social History 21. Democracy In The Contemporary World
9. India - Size And Location 22. What Is Democracy & Why
10. Physical Features Of India 23. Constitutional Design
11. Drainage 24. Electoral Politics
12. Climate 25. Working Of Institutions
13. Natural Vegetation And Wild Life 26. Democratic Rights


Sample Chapter :

Download Class 9th Maths Number System


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