CBSE Class 12 previous year papers


Every year a large number of aspirants who dream to secure good marks in CBSE class 12 start preparation in the early stage of class 12. 

 Few tips to get good marks in CBSE class 12 

Whether you prepare for any exam, planning a strategy and following it with the self discipline helps you to climb the ladder successfully. 

The best time to start preparation for CBSE CLASS 12 is class 11th. Start your CBSE preparation at the beginning of class 11th. It is the time when the most of the students are ready to give a fresh start for studies after an interval from board exams. In this way, students can give significant time to JEE preparation including class 11 and 12 summer vacations. It will also help to grab powerful hold on the important topics which are part of class 11th as well as the JEE syllabus. 

Course planning is an essential key to crack any CBSE exam. Take help of your teachers, siblings and seniors who have already passed the exam to make a right strategy. Also, gather study materials like best referred text books, CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers etc. 


While planning your strategy for CBSE exams, you can make a plan to devote first two months in revising your basic concepts such as algebra, mechanics taught in 9th class and  going through CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers for a getting an idea for exam pattern. 


In CBSE paper equal weightage is provided to all three subjects i.e. physics, chemistry and Maths. Marks are also deducted for wrong answers. So it is of crucial importance to grasp all the concepts through regular practice of CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers. Around one month before exam, get yourself acquainted with a wide variety of topics and make sure to revise all the important concepts and formulae to grasp them on tips. 


Taking help of CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers helps a lot in preparation for the exam. These CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers are framed as per the latest sample papers, exam pattern and the pattern followed in previous years in assessment. After completing your preparation, solving CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers one by one helps you to improve your skills. 

Many online portals have also been emerged, which are guiding students through providing tips, tricks and study material such as CBSE Class 12 Previous year papers and other content for cracking the exam successfully. A lots of educational web portals are also helping students to crack various competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, and Olympiad successfully through providing quality content and valuable guidance. 


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