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Class 8 Notes are prepared by dedicated faculty members of entrancei.Purposes of these class 8 notes is to build a solid foundation in maths and science for all students who are in class 8.Below mentioned links consist of class 8 notes specifically designed for subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology for class 8.Class 8 notes are very helpful for the students who are preparing for entrance exam like NTSE, Olympiads,foundation for JEE & NEET.

Subject wise class 8 Notes

About Class 8 Notes

Academic team of entrancei prepared well designed structural notes for class 8 subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology for class 8.To gives you additional knowledge of class 8 science we have sub dived class 8 science in three parts physics , chemistry and biology.We have prepared separate science chapter because the approach of reading physic is different as compared to chemistry and biology and vice versa.Each subject consists of theory which explain the topic and sub topics read the theory given in sub topic after NCERT text book theory and make sure to prepare a good note of class 8.Note down all important formulas and points for future reference.This class 8 notes will help you in final revision.We have added a mind map at the end of each chapter which help you for the quicker revision of the chapter at the end.Start solving questions given in the exercise of each chapter try to solve the subjective questions.Take the help from solutions which is given in each question.We have uploaded MCQ based questions in each exercise to have more in depth understanding of the concept and you will have more conceptual clarity.Note down important points before solving the exercise of class 8 notes.Make sure you have completed the NCERT exercise take the help from entrancei NCERT solutions.

How to use class 8 notes

Different subjects required different strategies for effective learning .In this part we will discuss how to use class 8 notes .We have divided class 8 science in three parts physics , chemistry and biology .for physics derivation and concept building starts from class 8 understand the basic concept explained in class 8 notes by entrancei prepare your notes n chemistry read the theory of all topics make sure you learn all reactions used in the chapter and understand the naming of elements and action of oxygen in metals .For biology notes prepare theory note write down all important points solve MCQ of exercise .Solve the exercise of all three parts of science.Academic team of entrancei prepared in depth theory for class 8 maths notes read and try to have good concepts in class 8 maths by solved example given in this section. 

Why entrancei for class 8 Notes

Academic team of entrancei prepared the study material for class 8 for students who are in foundation batches and preparing for entrance exam along with there school.Preparing from entrancei class 8 notes will strength your concepts in maths and science.You can get chapter wise online test for class 8 from entrancei with additional notes and Maths formula for final revision.

FAQ (Frequent Asked Question) for Class 8 notes

1). How many subjects are there in class 8?

Ans: According to the CBSE latest syllabus (2020 - 21) for Class 8th there are a total number of 6 subjects. Here there are -1). Mathematics 2). Science 3). Social Science 4.) English 5). Hindi 6).Artificial Intelligence.

2). How should I prepare for the Class 8th exam?

Ans: Class 8th is like a base for all future education that you will get as a student. For a good future, you need to have a good foundation. For that, you need to have discipline and make a better plan here are few that u can follow -

1). Have Discipline:To be successful in life you need to have a basic quality "Discipline". Not only will this quality help you to earn the most in life, but it has also taught you the motivation of patience and faith that you are on the right track and on the right path.

2). Time-Bound Approach: One of the most popular stories of all time is "Rome was not built overnight" because it emphasizes the principle that being prepared is the key to success. If you are in CBSE Class 8, you must follow a strict “Time-Bound Approach” which means you have to finish certain subjects on a certain day.

3). Commitment: If you want to succeed in life, the most important thing is the commitment to help you achieve fame for everything you do. When you are in CBSE class 8th, you have to study all your subjects with complete dedication.

4). Practice: It is true that "Practice makes men Perfect" you need to try again and again if you want to improve yourself. This continuous practice will help them to make good progress in their exams.

3). Why Entrancei's class 8th notes are important for you?

Ans: Entrancei's Class 8th notes will help you understand the subjects better. And it has been observed that CBSE more often asks NCERT questions if they do not have the same they ask similar questions. So if you understand it, you can easily respond.

4). How a student can use Class 8th notes to get good marks in class 8th Exam?

Ans: Class 8 notes prepared by Entrancei consist of in depth theory explaning in detail to all concepts which help you to build a solid foundation. With added MCQ questions in Exercise section will help you to check your concepts. These notes are enough for compititive entrance exam. For school exam download or Visit NCERT solutions for class 8 on Entrancei, India's leading educational portal. You can download NCERT Solution PDF files by visiting the website. You can use it as a reference for your convenience. These solutions are the best study guide for all class 8th students.

6). Why should you choose Entrancei for Class 8 Notes ?

Ans: Entrancei is known for its reliable study tools and resources for its commitment to helping students learn faster and better. Here you will find study material for class 8th. We are providing NCERT solutions for subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science and Social Sciences, and Hindi and Artificial Intelligence. These solutions will help you improve your knowledge of and mastery of each topic. You will be able to clear up all your doubts very easily based on the questions and answers that will improve your exam preparation.

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